Life in Balance

Life in Balance

Top health tips that I implement daily to maintain good health:

Prevention is better than cure and sometimes with so many controversial health fads & “diets” it becomes challenging to know what the “right” thing is for YOU.

Personally, I do the best that I can to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating plan for many reasons:



  1. Prevent illness / disease
    Why wait for something to make you feel unwell if you could prevent it?
  2. Pre-conception
    I would like to have babies someday – why pass any potential deficiencies onto my baby? And if I am nutrient deficient now – how to do I think carrying a mini human inside would alleviate deficiency if the body is in fact working harder??
  3. Maintain good gut health
    Everything we put in our mouths gets broken down via the process of DIGESTION – without health digestion how can i assume that i am assimilating my nutrients properly?
  4. Hydration
    Why wait until I am thirsty before I drink water?? Why have sultana cells if hydrated, plump, juicy grapes cells are available to me?
  5. Wheat-free
    If you remove wheat / gluten / grains – do I really think I am going to miss out on nutrients?? Really?? Don’t I believe that protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and a variety of food will cover it?? REALLYY????

5.1 Don’t get me wrong I love a good sourdough bit of toast sometimes – but nutritionally I am really NOT better off. By the time we digest the stripped, processed grain anyway we really aren’t getting much in the way of the nutrition – more so, just gluey, inflammatory, carbohydrate serving no purpose than perhaps some fullness for a short time. If you are hesitant to remove wheat or gluten for nutritional reasons then please – do yourself the greatest favour and do even just ONE WEEK without it…  then see how clear minded, energetic and light you feel!



Here is just a sprinkling of some of the things i consume daily…

Pre & Probiotics – a good probiotic supplement (live bacteria) – lives in the fridge (capsules or powder) and is NOT “shelf stable”. I like to take probiotics in my smoothie or before bed – whilst the body is restoring and uninterrupted by the digestion food or beverages. PREbiotics (non-digestible food fibres) actually feed the growth of probiotics (good bacteria that live in the gut). I personally love beetroot sauerkraut (or sauerkraut in general), coconut kefir (the chocolate flavour is my fav) & of course prebiotic fibre from fruits & veggies.

Tip: if you’re not the best at taking capsules or a number of supplements – open the capsule up and pop it into your smoothie / shake or water. This way you know you’re getting the right dose, and saves you having to  swallow capsules if  you find it annoying. Yes probiotics come in powders but certain products of certain strains only come in capsules and to be honest i find it easier to open the capsule and chuck in it my drink.

Good fats – emulsify bad fats in the body. These types of fat will not make you “fat”! But instead – encourage healthy skin, cellular protection & can be anti-inflammatory at the right dosages.  My favs include; avo,  coconut oil, ghee, chia,  & organic butter. Olive oil is fabulous on salads / cold or at room temp – but not for cooking. Heating olive oil beyond its smoke point – causes rancidity (meaning you are digestion toxic oil).  

Tip: for some variety – add a chunk of cacao butter to your smoothie – it’s packed with antioxidants & will provide a nice amount of energy particularly if your smoothie is your morning “meal”!

Apple cider vinegar – has numerous health benefits both topically and of course internally when it matters most. Apple cider vinegar helps to increase digestive action by increasing hydrochloric acid levels – an acid produced by the stomach which helps to break down our food. Having apple cider in water, particular first thing in the morning (about 20 mins before food), prepares the body for digestion. Have a look at your tongue! Does it have a thick, cracked, yellowish / white coating?? Perhaps apple cider (and probiotics) could be an option for you.

Tip: mix 10ml  apple cider vinegar with 200ml water & Rochways Blueberry Probiotic Punch (about 20ml), it’s sweet, delicious and amazing! An awesome option to sip before yoga.