The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

Anahata Power

I was a mere observer in this story that unfolded right in front of me. It was a gentle reminder to me how powerful our chakra system truly is and how intuitive movement is embedded in every one of us.

One of my beginner yoga students and dear friends was involved in what looked like the perfect relationship externally, though was extremely toxic and destructive for those involved internally. Almost every day, her heart chakra would be nurtured and tortured all at the same time.

Occasionally I would see her in my classes and as the observer to her beginner practice, I ignorantly understood that her body just simply bend in certain directions, or that she didn’t have the passion and persistence to stay in her strength postures, completely ignoring her emotional state and how it could relate to her physical being. Again, being the observer to a deteriorating relationship between he and her lover, I noticed her going into mourning physically and mentally what was once a quite fulfilling partnership before it had even ended.

The grief was so powerful that by the time she had the courage to end it, immediately a new woman came out the other side. Again, I saw a glimpse of passion and love of life and everybody in it. I encouraged her to come back to yoga and I was deeply moved on her first evening back. Every posture came organically and by the end of her practice she astounded me with a deep open back bend. Her anahata chakra had again been broken open after so much time of distress.

** A little about the anahata chakra: The 4th chakra out of 7 in the chakra system. Located at the centre of your chest surrounding your heart space. Responsible for compassion, kindness, self- love and love for others. This chakra is known as the ultimate healing force.

The power of this chakra had led this beautiful lady through her entire asana practice and for the first time ever she presented me with feedback that she absolutely loved that class.  This time, I know my ego couldn’t take the credit, it was her spirit being enlightened on the mat and I was fortunate enough to be the observer. How thankful I am to see the power of yoga every single day and in this instance, the benefits of letting go of love superficially so that your heart can heal deep within. After all, yoga is a journey back to our centre, the practice awakens our heart so that we can feel connected and open. All we need is to clear out the weeds and be receiving to all its potential. “om yam”


fb_img_1461472527672Meditation for your Heart Chakra

  • Sit comfortably crossed legged perhaps on a pillow or bolster
  • Close your eyes and simply begin to focus on the breath moving in and out of your nostrils. Catch the moment of inhalation and the moment of exhalation.
  • Slowly imagine your breath as the colour green, and now watch this green coloured breath move in and out of the nostrils.
  • Watch your breath travel inwards toward your heart. Allow this green coloured breath to create a circle around your heart centre
  • Steady your breath and focus on this green coloured breath moving in a circular motion at your heart centre

Namaste, Alex xx