Akhanda Yoga

Very unique yet traditional style of yoga, involving every aspect of yoga focusing on balance, deepening ones awareness & synchronicity. Suitable for all levels.


Also suitable for level 1 students as well as advanced. A traditional yoga practice with hatha style postures & pranayama, including options for those who wish to advance their practice.

Level 1/ Beginners

A gentle “general” practice suitable for students new to yoga, those that may be dealing with injuries or simply wanting a gentle class.


A dynamic, flowing yang practice using the breathe to flow from one posture to the next. Suitable for levels 1 & 2.


A slow and static practice with a strong emphasis on holding postures for a long time (approx. 2-10 minutes). Yin yoga is a blend of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), the ancient tantric yoga system & western science. This slow, nurturing practice is complimentary to strong yang asana practice and can also be beneficial for those with high stress and injures.


A blend of both vinyasa & yin practice all in one class.

“There is no Yin without Yang and there is no Yang without Yin. The two coexist as ever shifting comparisons.” – Leonie Lockwood